My Super Camp - the Online Summer Camp, conducted by, is a first of its kind event. It is your chance to participate in a summer camp that has students from different states in the country and learn from experts. All this while having a lot of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, My Super Camp offers you an opportunity to interact with students from across the country and learn about different cultures and places. It will improve your exposure tremendously. You can now travel the world and know things without having to even step out.
My Super Camp gives you an opportunity every day to manage the MySuperBrain radio station. You can sing songs, crack some jokes, narrate stories, share your experiences, conduct quizzes and much more. You will have thousands of listeners from across the country.

Every day an eminent personality or a person from different career will be interviewed by the students. You can post questions and get answers. We will be interviewing a Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, IAS, IPS, Politician, Pilot, Entrepreneur, foreign nationals, Designer, Sportsman, Scientist, Social Worker etc. It is your opportunity to learn from all these people and get a better idea of how different professions work.

By the end of the summer camp you will have had amazing learning and great fun. Each day is filled with loads of fun. You have enough activities that can cover your entire summer. Make the most of it.

Extra Benefit: Premium Account worth INR 500 free
  • When you register for the online summer camp, you will also be given access to premium account. You can now check out your analysis in competitions and tests, write a blog, access free copy of EXALT, participate in group discussions, get personalized monthly reports and much more.