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Mr. Saatvik Agrawal

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Vikas - The Concept School

Do you want to be heard across the world? Do you want to inspire, motivate, entertain, educate or impress students, parents and teachers from across the world? Well, you have the opportunity to do any of that now. You can now be an RJ on Radio. You can get an opportunity to do a program where you can do any of the following:

  • Speak on your favourite topic
  • Sing your favourite songs (individually or as part of a group)
  • Interview an eminent personality
  • Conduct a quiz
  • Tell some jokes
  • Share experiences

You can do all of this individually or as part of a team.

Debating is a great skill. It has many benefits. You improve your knowledge, communication skills and reasoning skills. Every day, there will be a new debate topic on You can participate in it and win gift vouchers every day. The most popular answer every day gets a gift voucher.

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We have started online courses to help students from across the world hone their talents from a very young age. It is far easier to improve your talents when you are young compared to when you become a bit older. We have recently added two courses: "Arts & Crafts" & "Music". You can now register for just INR 500. The best part is that you will get a premium account worth INR 500 absolutely free on your first course purchase. - #1 Talent Discovery Platform for School Kids is an attempt to bring out the all-rounder in every student. Every student is special, but for a lot of reasons we do not see the full potential of students come to fruition. It is our aim to Discover, Improve and Showcase the skills of students on a global platform. is suitable for students in grades 4 to 12. In these age groups, we provide age appropriate activities, content and educational games that prepares them for a better future.

> is based on years of research in the field of Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Learning, technology to help students become world beaters. We work with a single-minded focus on improving the skills of students. We strongly believe that we can build a better planet only when our kids are given the right opportunities.